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Valuing the Staff Who Set Us Apart

Recognizing the staff from our Centerville, Chaparral, and Drexel homes who were nominated.

These staff certainly deserve recognition for all the great work they are doing here at Phoenix!

Sandy Gustafson - Centerville House

"I would like to nominate Sandy Gustafson from Centerville House as Manager of the Year. She always is willing to put  the clients’ needs before her own. Makes the place a fun home and a great work environment. She always has a positive look on everything. She comes in when no one else can. She makes everyone welcome to work here and part of the Centerville Home Family. And that is why I would like to nominate Sandy Gustafson for Manager of the Year."

Bonnie Hruby - Chaparral House

"I would like to nominate Bonnie Hruby for DSP of the Year. Bonnie is a valuable team player at Chaparral House. She consistently works extra shifts, stays late, and comes in early to help cover the staffing needs. Bonnie is always aware of the needs of the guys at Chaparral and always puts their needs and desires top priority.

The individuals look to Bonnie as a friend, mother, Grandmother, and plays all these roles in her daily routine. Bonnie takes it upon herself to do all the small things that are often forgotten about, probably since Bonnie usually has them done. Bonnie is a wonderful staff, and everyone feels just a little happier in her presence. I’m so grateful to have Bonnie as part of the team. And I want to recognize her and thank her for all her dedication and great service!"

Asha Christensen - Drexel House

"I would like to nominate Asha Christensen for Manager of the Year. As an RSP and reserve for the last three years, I  have seen this incredible woman grow from a DSP like myself into a vital force in this company who has made such a positive impact on Drexel House. She has been a catalyst for change, implementing her natural organizational skills to ensure her clients are getting the best continuity of care. She has had to field controversy, yet she does so with grace and eloquence."

"Asha truly is one of the most authentic and real people you will ever meet. If you need an honest opinion or someone to talk to, she is the one to go to. If something needs to get done, you know you can count on her. She will stay true to her word."

Thank you for making this world a better place!!