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Staff Who Deserve a Standing Ovation

We'll round out nominations of DSPs and Managers who were recognized from our northern homes. 

All our staff are amazing, but here are the staff who were recognized from our Ludden, Viking, and Western homes.

Lisa Plaster - Ludden House 

"In my view, I’m positive that Lisa meets and she’s the best fate for being a manager. She’s a person that cares, understands, and provides better care and good relationships between residents, families,  and coworkers to have a smooth atmosphere. With all these, I stand with no reservations and believe she can be productive and make a good manager."

Maria Hernandez & Rita Bropleh - Ludden House

"Rita and Maria from Ludden House. They are both really good at what they do and have been very helpful with training me whenever I worked there. They know and care for the residents very well. I liked working with them."

"Rita just started in February, but she’s a great worker. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s good with the clients and very helpful at Ludden House. She goes above and beyond. She’s pulled double shifts for nearly 2 weeks before. She is always willing to train new staff and is cleaning all the time too."

 Veronica Keys - Viking House

"I would like to nominate Veronica Keys for Manager of the Year. Even before she stepped into her position, she has gone above and beyond to care for the individuals in the Viking home. Her hard work is very much appreciated, and she makes life easier, not only for the residents but for staff as well. In my opinion, Veronica is truly the Manager of the Year!"

Debbie Willis - Western House 

"I would like to nominate Debbie Willis. She has been super awesome since I came to Western to train. She continues to answer all my questions and is very helpful all the time. She really loves what she does, and it shows every day!! I really appreciate her years of experience with the residents of Western House.​"