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Our Shining Stars

Among all our great employees, here are our staff from Janet Court, Newport House, & our RSPs who shined bright this past year.

Our team at these homes and our Regional Support Professionals (RSPs) have been exceptional this year. Here are the ones who were nominated.

Nakia Hammond - Newport House

"I would like to nominate Nakia Hammond, House Supervisor at Newport House. She really is our glue.  She holds us down, especially right now since we don't have a manager. She is making sure everything is done from cleaning to putting in orders for the house to activities for our residents. She puts her residents’ and staffs’ needs first before hers. We love Nakia so much here!"

Odochi "Constance" Inarumen​ - Janet Court 

"I nominated Constance because she is hard-working, dedicated, and willing to cover open shifts. She's cordial and humble. She goes above and beyond for her residents, and perfects her job to the fullest. It has been an honor working with her."

 Sarah Boone - RSP (Afton, Carver, Clinton, Foss, Howard, Newport homes)

"Sarah Boone has worn many different hats within this company, and I've had the pleasure of working with as an RSP. This remarkable woman is one of our best utility players. She's beloved by clients and staff at many different houses and leaves her imprint no matter what role she takes.

She's saved the day many times over. She's personally trained me recently at Howard House. She's often seen going beyond what is expected of her, ensuring meds, groceries, and supplies are in stock, even when the responsibility is not solely hers to bear."

Amanda Simington - RSP (Afton, Carver, English, Howard, Viking homes) 

"I would like to nominate Amanda Simington. She works many hours at many houses. She also helps other staff to get things done around the house. She goes the extra mile to make sure all the chores that are assigned get done, even if it is other staff member’s responsibility."

"She’s always going above and beyond. She trained me and she was supposed to go to Afton after working at Howard. But she got called to come back, so she rushed back here."

Thank you for everything you all are doing here at Phoenix!!