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Extraordinary Staff Who Are Among Us

Learn more about the staff from our Eric's, Foss, and Furness homes who stood out this past year.

Let's continue recognizing these staff members for all their hard work in 2021.

Alyissa Jarrett - Eric's House 

"This is her first time in this field. She will be very valuable and helpful in this field if she is willing to continue.​"

Evonne “Michelle” Tinsley & Dede Muimba - Eric's House 

"We at Eric's House are very lucky to have two very special people who are interested in the staff as employees as well as family members. I have worked with both of these managers and truly appreciate them as coworkers."

Mya Hallen & Lakeshia Uting - Foss House

"I am nominating these two ladies because of their work ethics, which in my own terms will consider as "the pillars that holds it all together." They make sure it's done, even if it seems like a need to complain, they unconsciously pick up undone work, and jump into other staff’s work without even noticing at times. I guess their goal is just to see it been done."


 Shirlena Wilson - Furness House

"Shirlena is a delight to work with, anytime I cross paths with her I leave feeling my mood boosted."

"I nominate Shirlena for Manager of the Year. She works very hard, and she is always very understanding. She helps when she can and wherever she is needed. She is amazing all around."