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Phoenix Announces 2022 Employee of the Year Winners

We had so many incredible nominations, but here's who stood out above the rest!

We work with so many great staff members who provide exceptional care to the individuals we support!  In 2022, we celebrated six Employee of the Year Winners, who were nominated by their peers. Staff are recognized for their compassion, work ethic, and outstanding service! They will be honored throughout January. Please watch for their stories on our social media pages and website. Help us celebrate them by congratulating them on this outstanding accomplishment!

Direct Support Professionals of the Year:

1.) Nick LeBrun - Appointment Coordinator for Several Phoenix Homes

"Nick started at Phoenix February 17, 2022, as an Appointment Coordinator, but we have found he is much more than that! Nick was eager to learn all the aspects of his position and he has excelled at it. Nick is completing appointments for several houses and learning about all the individuals he is caring for. Not only is he facilitating appointments at his designated homes, but he also willingly offers assistance to other homes needing planned or last-minute appointment coverage. Nick problem solves situations to make sure everyone’s needs are met. If he has conflicting appointments, he reaches out to others to find the coverage needed so appointments are not missed or cancelled. He proposes solutions and options to coworkers and family members when presented with a task he may not be able to do. He sees things through to completion! His written and verbal communication is professional, and he responds to emails timely.

Nick took on a project of trying to help individuals assure they have medical transportation and Metro Mobility certification. Nick has gone above and beyond his Appointment Coordinator role, including working DSP hours at the homes when they are in need on weekdays, weekends, and even holidays." Click here to read Nick's full nomination. 

2.) George Winston - Carver House

"George is a rap artist whose song titles illustrate his approach to supporting individuals with disabilities: Passion, Limitless, Daydreamer, Survive, Universal Connection, Sweater, All Love...Immediately after meeting George, you see beyond his stoic exterior to find a person who is so compassionate, creative, and accepting of others. George is a living example of our mission — to treat others with dignity and respect! George supports individuals with Autism. Consistency and familiarity are keys to their success. George is like that favorite sweater — he's that comfort and contentment that keeps things familiar and happy at home. He's that "Steady Eddie" that you know you can count on. We can't imagine the home without him! George is not one to pass judgment. This is why George is the perfect pairing and advocate at the home. All he ever sees are the abilities and opportunities in everyone who lives at the home."

3.) Nakia Hammond - Newport House

"Encouraging. Advocate. Supportive. Friend. Calming. Welcoming. Leader. Compassionate. These are just a few of the words to describe the incredible gift Nakia Hammond is to our organization and the people we support. Nakia is a living example of our mission to help individuals live their best life. When "W" moved into her home 5.5 years ago, she weighed over 300lbs, was using continuous oxygen, and tired out easily walking from her bedroom to the living room. She wanted to lose weight but struggled with the skills to achieve that goal. Nakia slowly worked with W to make the lifestyle changes needed to make this happen. Snacks became healthy snacks, exercise started with walks to the mailbox but eventually turned into walks in the neighborhood, and fun restaurant trips out became fun trips to Subway for turkey sandwiches. For W, it is about the experience, and Nakia always makes it fun!"

Manager of the Year:

Michelle Tinsley - Foss & Suburban Houses

"I would like to nomination for Michelle Tinsley for Manager of the Year. I think she deserves it because there is nothing she will not do for Phoenix. If she is under the weather, she is still there. If they call her day or night, she answers her phone. Whatever house calls her and asks her to work. she will go and help out. She is loyal and very dependable and will give her last to make sure everyone has what they want as well as what they need. She treats all her staff and residents like they are her family. [We need] more managers like her that really care and are willing to learn more and more every day. It is rewarding to see a strong person with many goals who carries many hats stand strong for a company. It not just a job to her; it is a career. She impacts so many lives daily."

Support Staff of the Year:

Sarah Boone - Office Manager

"I want to nominate Sarah Boone for Employee of the Year! Sarah started off the year as a float PM for the southeast group but transitioned into the role of office administrator. Despite her new role, Sarah continues to pick up hours at several houses when they need staffing help, sometimes spending all week straddling early morning shifts and office duties. Sarah is also willing to help out with managerial duties, such as writing programs or holding annual meetings for the people we serve. As office administrator, Sarah is ready and eager to tackle any project! From breaking down tedious spreadsheets to acting as tech support during new employee orientation to planning events, you never have to ask Sarah twice. Sarah's expertise in the different roles she has held at Phoenix has given her a great understanding of the bigger picture that helps her understand what's needed to help and best support the people we serve."

Phoenix Service Corporation Employee of the Year (our sister company):

Jessica Lipnik

"I would like to nominate Jessica Lipnik for Employee of the year at Phoenix Service Corporation. Jessica is behind the scenes doing lots of busy work that helps our programs progress and be successful. We may not physically see Jessica in action, but her presence is known with her work. Jessica manages paying over people’s bills, as well as all the billing for our waiver and state Medicaid programs and does it all so flawlessly. I have been able to learn a lot from Jessica as I have recently transitioned into a new role. Jessica has always been a very helpful person and continues to be helpful and patient over time throughout staff changes, staffs learning curves, and in her responsiveness, and thorough explanations it has helped me better understand the financial aspects of the programs. Jessica often times has to battle billing issues that arise and does so gracefully and promptly to ensure Phoenix can receive money for the services we provide. Jessica has been a wonderful part of Phoenix’s team and continues to be a valuable team player."

We had so many great nominations, it was hard to narrow it down. But thank you to everyone who nominated someone!! We’d also like to recognize everyone who was nominated—that’s an achievement in itself! Throughout January, we’ll be recognizing all the staff who got nominated for these awards. 

Follow our Facebook page or visit our website to learn more about all the nominees.

Congratulations to all of our winners! We couldn't do this without you!