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November's Employee of the Month Shines

DeMarco Jones earns recognition of November's Employee of the Month.

I nominate DeMarco Jones for Employee of the Month, because he has such a positive attitude when he here at Drexel and cares so much for each of the individuals. He has already been here a year and it went by so fast!

He picks up extra shifts, enjoys taking everyone on outings, and gets them out whenever he can, including during the week if he is able. He always has their goals ready when they get off the bus, and when he starts his shift, he gets things done quickly and correctly. He sets everything up to make sure they get done, and if other staff has questions, he is always there to help!

He is a great leader at the house, showing new and reserved staff how to do things correctly, and he takes the time to explain things in detail. He has such a positive attitude when coming into Drexel and he  does it with a smile. He is such a great employee to work with. He has great communication skills and is an advocate for each person in the house. He has built great relationships with the staff and the individuals’ families. It is a pleasure working with him and seeing everything he does. 

Thank you DeMarco for being a part of the
Drexel family!