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Employee at Foss House Earns Recognition

LaTosha Baymon of Foss House selected for December Employee of the Month.

I am so proud to nominate LaTosha for Employee of the Month. I would love to say I had something to do with her leadership gifts, but she has learned from various circumstances in life and it has shaped her into a wonderful leader. LaTosha is truly an individual who I can say does not need a “title” to be a leader—she is a leader without needing a title. In my book that is the best type of leader. Her actions speak for themselves. She is honest, and she cares so deeply about our individuals as well as her team.  She thinks of her team and is quick with ideas that are helpful. She is also such a fantastic advocate for the Phoenix mission. There are some staff that check off a list and say “I did my job,” but LaTosha makes sure those things are done, even if it was not “her job to do.”  That attitude shows so much about the core of who she is. It’s not for the glory, it’s because it is the right thing to do. All staff and individuals respect her, trust her, and love to work with her.                  

I am impressed with LaTosha, not just because she is mature and avoids gossip and drama, but also because makes me a better person. Her honesty and communication makes it such a privilege to have her apart of the Phoenix family. LaTosha could win this award many times over, because she is a consistent catalyst of positive propulsion of our mission. I hope she continues to grow her leadership skills within our Phoenix family.

Thank you for all you do LaTosha!