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Phoenix Recognizes Three Staff Members for January Employee of the Month

This month the award goes to Angela Ugochukwu, Brady Callinan, and Michael Matthews.

This month, we awarded three phenomenal staff members with Employee of the Month.

Angela Ugochukwu

Angela has been dedicated to The Phoenix Residence for 13 years and has been a valuable team member of Janet Court for the past 4 years. We are so blessed to have her supporting us and working with us. Here is why she should be Employee of the Month:

1. Costumer Service: Over the holiday season, Janet Court is a busy home, hosting parties, shopping trips, and visitors in and out. When Angela was on shift, she was able to help organize and support all the different things that were happening, and she did it all using her excellent customer service skills.

2. Flexibility: Angela works morning at Janet Court and is a consistent staff member that I can communicate information with, including our plans for the day. As we all know, a plan in a group home is just a plan that can change at any time, and Angela is able to adapt, help out, and take the lead whenever needed.

3. Problem–Solving: Angela has brought a calming effect to the morning shift, and she can problem-solve anything that is thrown her way. Angela has really taken on a leadership role in her morning position, as co-workers look up to her for advice and mentoring. Angela has strong relationships with the individual’s she serves and her team.

4. Team Building: While planning for our annual holiday party, I asked staff what we should have for food. Angela came to me and really wanted to give back to her co-workers and team, so she prepared the meal for them in gratitude and appreciation for the year and for their team work.

The individuals and team at Janet Court would like to thank you for all you do and let you know we appreciate you!

Brady Callinan

 Brady is such a great staff member here at Drexel House. He is always willing to help out if I need it. He will also come in and help out anytime anyone needs him to come in. He always has such  a positive attitude, a smile on his face, and is always ready to work. The individuals here at Drexel absolutely love it when he is here and he is such a great person to work with! He is always on time, always makes it to staff meetings, and is always willing to learn! He has such a big heart and you can tell that he makes a difference in each of the individuals’ lives. He is such a great part of the Drexel Team, and I am so proud that he is the Employee of the Month! You deserve it. Thank you for all you do! 

Michael Matthews 

I had the pleasure of working with Michael Matthews recently. I had lots of questions and Michael patiently answered each one.  If he didn’t know the answer, he knew where to look! He never made     me feel like a burden! Michael is so respectful of each person he supports. He allows individuals to make choices instead of deciding for them, he informs them of the schedule, he respects each person’s privacy, and provides gentle coaching when needed. The weekend I was there, multiple family visits were scheduled, and Michael was all over it! He knew who was going where and what time. Best of all, he didn’t look at this task as a burden, he was truly excited for individuals to be able to spend time with their family over the holidays! I had such a positive experience working with Michael and was so impressed with his work ethic and positive attitude! I wanted everyone to know about it! Thanks Michael! 

Thank you to all of you for everything you do for The Phoenix Residence!