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A Word from the Board Chairman

Today our Board Chairman addressed our staff and DSPs received handwritten thank you notes from their managers.

Happy DSP Appreciation Week! 

We'll continue the festivities with a letter from our board chairman, Garret Colao. We hope all our staff have felt inspired and appreciated this week! We are so thankful to have you here at Phoenix! 

And he quotes: 

"To All Phoenix DSPs,

Thank you to every single Direct Support Professional! Without you, the clients we serve would not have the care, support, or amazing experience we provide. We pride ourselves on your hard work and dedication. You truly are the ones leading and creating a person-centered, quality of living for those that you support.

I hope you know the positive impact you have on them. Thank you for your commitment and invaluable contributions to helping our company strive to achieve our mission!"

            Garret Colao
            Chairman of the Board
            The Phoenix Residence, Inc.

All direct care staff also received handwritten thank you notes from their managers as a sign of appreciation.

Thank you Phoenix Direct Support Professionals!