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Celebrating Our DSP Employee of the Year Nominees

Our DSPs are doing an incredible job! Here are the rest of the DSPs who were nominated for Employee of the Year.

Last week we announced our Employee of the Year winners, but we want to take time this month to recognize all our staff members who were nominated—that’s an achievement in itself! So throughout January, we’ll be recognizing all the staff who got nominated for these awards. We'll start with our direct support professionals who were nominated for all over Phoenix.

Amy Enriquez - Chaparral House

"I would like to nominate Amy Enriquez from Chaparral House. She has always gone above and beyond her job every day. The clients all love Amy and they are smiling whenever she is around. Amy is a great team player. This Thanksgiving, she made a whole meal from scratch. The clients love her cooking. She also gives the guys haircuts. I am so glad that Amy works with me; she is a great team player."

"I would like to nominate Amy Enriquez for DSP of the Year. She fills in and goes over and above to help other staff. She demonstrates real care for her residents and makes sure they are fed with delicious food she has prepared and brought in for them."

DeMarco Jones - Drexel Court

"I like to nominate Derayle Jones for Employee of the Year. The reason I am nominating him is when I first got here to Drexel, he made me feel welcomed; he showed me what we needed to do with class and interiority. He is what Phoenix stands for. He cuts the residents' hair and goes on the appointments. He goes above what the expectations are of a DSP. I am so glad to be trained by him. He is the true meaning of our standards here at Phoenix."

Samantha Summy - Suburban House

"I would like to nominate Samantha Summy. Sam is a loyal, hardworking, caring staff that has been with Phoenix for almost 16 years. She takes after her dad, who also has been with Phoenix for many years. She shows up on time, treats our residents with respect, promotes independence, and speaks to the residents in a soft caring voice. Sam is a wonderful problem solver and advocate for the people she works for. Sam is very patient with our residents and very knowledgeable. She passes medications and has few med errors. Sam is such an amazing person and an asset for PRI."

Barb Knafla - Suburban House

"I’d like to nominate Barb Knafla. Barb has genuine compassion for the individuals we care for, and it shows every time we work a shift together. She is always busy taking care of everyone and everything!"

Barb Sims - Foss House

"I'd like to nominate Barb Sims because she has a great personality and the people we work with in our house love her."

Thekeisha Thomas - Foss House

"I'd like to nominate Thekeisha Thomas, because she's a great coworker and cares about the clients."

Others Nominated (no write-up):

Rita Bropleh - Ludden House
Rose Barillas - Suburban House

Congratulations to all of our nominees! We couldn't do this without you!