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Celebrating Our DSP Employee of the Year Nominees

Let's recognize all our Direct Support Professionals who were nominated for Employee of the Year!

Last week we announced our Employee of the Year winners, but we want to take time this month to recognize all our staff members who were nominated—that’s an achievement in itself! Throughout January, we’ll be recognizing all the staff who were nominated for these awards– starting with our direct care staff. Here's everyone who was nominated! 

Shantona Macklin - Newport House 

"I’d like to nominate Shantona Macklin for Employee of the Year. She is one of my most trusted employees and is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. She always picks up extra shifts or covers no call no shows when she can. She is excellent at training new employees and excels at her documentation. No stone goes unturned when she’s working.

She’s always willing to engage with the individuals. They love playing card games with her (she plays Kings Corner with Wendy all the time!), painting their nails, and loves doing crafts with them. Just recently, she made ghosts out of cotton balls and cutouts for Halloween, and this month we are making snowmen. She is so creative with her craft ideas!! Thank you Shantona!! We appreciate you!"

Jessica Snider - Clinton & Suburban Homes

"Jessica is a definite positive asset to Clinton house. She is very attentive to the folks that live there. She picks up extra shifts and helps where she can. Things like staff not showing up is not a matter of panic. It is just something that needs to be reported when it is an “respectable” time to call someone about it. She just calmly continues getting her job done. She not only is respectful of her coworkers, but she is also very protective and respectful of the clients. She takes the time with new staff to make sure that they know the how to take care of the folks correctly and that they do it correctly. To make sure that they really get to know the person."

Barabra Simms - Foss & Suburban Homes

"Barb is the glue that helps hold Suburban together. She is extremely respectful of the folks that live at Suburban, as well as her coworkers. She knows the all the little things that matter with the folks. She is persistent if the folks need something and we are having difficulty getting it. Barb’s positive, we will get this done attitude is an asset for Suburban and Phoenix."

Lynn Caproon - Chaparral House 

"She has been with Chaparral for 10 years and has done some amazing things with her clients. She has found interesting outings to entertain the clients and she cares for her clients. She has endured health issues and some personal issues while working these years with clients as well as with staff. She is far from perfect, but who is? She shows up for her shifts and at times has filled in for others. We all need some recognition small or otherwise to let us know that our work is not going unnoticed or lack of. Everyone who has worked for Phoenix for years as a DSP deserves recognition. Lynn considers Chaparral her extended family and this why I have chosen her."

Bonnie Hruby - Chaparral House

"The client tells me she is amazing, kind, and nice. She goes out of her way to help other staff. Bonnie also cuts the clients' hair. Bonnie will come in early to help and also stays late. Bonnie makes sure that her clients get to their outings. She makes us all smile and laugh. Bonnie highly deserves this award."

Samantha Summy - Suburban House

"Because she is very good at her job."

Ayo Lawal - Lydia House

"For always coming to work on time."

Others Nominated (no write-up):

Abbye Barner – multiple locations
Samuka Bility – multiple locations
Dean Blomgren – multiple locations

Congratulations to all of our nominees! We couldn't do this without you!