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Supporting Phoenix Over the Years

Donor Spotlight on Timothy and Laurie Risbrudt

Phoenix wouldn't be where we are today without the generosity of our gracious donors. To show our appreciation, this month we're sharing the story of one of those donors who has made an impact on Phoenix for several years now. We also featured them in our Close the Gap newsletter this quarter.

Timothy and Laurie Risbrudt have so graciously donated to English House for the past several years. To date, the Risbrudts have purchased an entertainment center, electric bed, scholarships for summer camps, and most recently an iPad for English House, so the individuals can FaceTime with their family during COVID.

Laurie met Barb Husaby, a direct support professional at English House, through scrapbooking retreats she hosts in the Annandale area.

“The past few years I became aware of fundraisers at English House for the home and the individuals, and I felt it would be something meaningful to contribute to,” said Laurie. “My parents were very humble and generous givers. My husband Tim, along with our three adult children and families, have made it a priority to continue their legacy.”

Thank you for your continued support over the years Laurie and Timothy!