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Recognizing Employees Who Shined This Month

We had so many nominations this month, we couldn't choose just one!

Employees of the Month

Shantona Macklin - Newport House

"I’d like to nominate Shantona Macklin for Employee of the Month. She is one of my most trusted employees and is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. She always picks up extra shifts or covers no call no shows when she can. She is excellent at training new employees and excels at her documentation. No stone goes unturned when she’s working.

She’s always willing to engage with the individuals. They love playing card games with her (she plays Kings Corner with Wendy all the time!), painting their nails, and loves doing crafts with them. Just recently, she made ghosts out of cotton balls and cutouts for Halloween, and this month we are making snowmen. She is so creative with her craft ideas!!

Thank you Shantona!! We appreciate you!!"

Sabraina Afford - Several Homes

"I would like to nominate Sabraina Afford. Recently a shift at Janet had to be filled unexpectedly. It was reported that when an APD went to Janet to help on the floor, Sabraina was great to work with, helpful, hardworking, and very positive. Sabraina started working with us in June of 2022; since then, she has filled many shifts, whether it was short notice or picked up in advance. Sabraina has worked at many locations, is eager to train at other locations, and has worked all shifts. Sabraina is welcoming to all that she cross paths with and is willing to help and support where she is able. Thank you Sabraina for all your hard work and dedication. I appreciate everything you do!"

Managers of the Month:

Debbie Willis - Western House 

"I wanted to nominate Debbie Willis for December. Debbie Willis has been such an asset to Phoenix for many years. I want to first thank you for the fantastic job you are doing at Western House. The love and the relationships you have built over the years with all the individuals and their families is incredible. Your hard work and dedication throughout the years at Phoenix is greatly appreciated! 

Thank you for the time you spend bringing everyone on outings, including family outings and exciting community outings, like to the casino, Duluth, malls, haircuts, etc. The individuals cherish you and the memories that you've made with each of them.

You have done a wonderful job training new employees and helping current employees get trained to their ability. I know things haven't been easy, but you keep a positive attitude and make sure that they are doing what needs to be done at Western. 

All your hard work doesn't go unnoticed, and I appreciate everything you do! I have enjoyed working with you for many years and the many things you've taught me along the way. Thank you for your many years of service and being such a wonderful supervisor at Western."

Shelley Peltier - English House

"I would like to nominate Shelley Peltier for Manager of the Month. Shelley wears many hats in her position. Caregiver, event planner, Den Mother are only a few of the titles that come to mind. Shelley is also a wonderful coworker and team player. Whenever I call Shelley to ask a favor, her response is always “Yes, of course.” It’s so refreshing and endearing to hear those words when seeking help.

One day last week, a co-manager was in a situation where he needed help picking up an individual at a day program due to illness. When Shelley was contacted, she was more than happy to help. She took the time out of her busy day to help another, putting the individual’s needs first. This is just the way Shelley is! Shelley, I want to thank you for your dedication to the people we serve. They are blessed to have you, and we are extra lucky to have you. Thank you, Shelley!"

Thank you all for the amazing work you are doing!