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Recognizing Two Outstanding Employees

An employee at Drexel House and one at Carver House received our Employee of the Month Awards this month.

Employee of the Month - Brady Callinan

Brady is very caring and compassionate, and a wonderful asset to Drexel Court. When one of our individuals was in need of some assistance that he knew he was not able to provide, he did not hesitate in making the correct decision of getting her help. Brady is supportive, engaged, always willing to help out when needed, and greatly appreciated by everyone at Drexel. Thank you so very much for your continued dedication to our individuals!

Employee of the Month - Gwen Spencer

Gwen has been a very valuable staff member at Carver House. Even with transitioning from House Supervisor to an overnight position, Gwen has continued to pick up some of the evening shifts when needed to keep the house running.  She continues to do different tasks that I have asked her to do with no hesitation. She continues to get the clients out in the community and find different activities for the clients to do at the house. Gwen does a really good job with all the clients at Carver House. Thank you for all you do Gwen!

Thank you for everything you do Brady & Gwen!