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Phoenix Recognizes December Customer Service Award of the Month

The December Customer Service Award of the Month goes to Financial Assistant Brenda Hamilton.

Brenda deserves the Customer Service Award of the Month because of her dedication, attention to detail, and willingness to take on additional requests. Her attention to detail is impeccable!  She is responsible  for payroll for 250 employees, which is a huge responsibility! Most of us don’t think twice about it because Brenda does such an excellent job. She catches mistakes that are made in billing, often saving the company time and money. Her customer service talent is also improving by the day. She stays very focused, making sure everything is done correctly. I would like to recognize her effort on this and acknowledge that it is greatly appreciated!

In addition, Brenda is doing an excellent job at responding to many additional requests coming in every day. I have asked her to process many different payroll changes this month alone, and she has done so with a smile. It is because of Brenda that we received the extra incentives on our paychecks this month.

Please join me by saying, ‘Thank you Brenda for a job well done!’