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Two Program Managers Stand Out This Month

Managers Tina Sharbonda and Kathy Perry received the Leader of the Month Award for August.

This month, we awarded two remarkable program managers for Leader of the Month.

Tina Sharbonda

Phoenix is so blessed to have Tina Sharbonda as a long-term Program Manager. Her knowledge and experience is unsurpassed. She has taken over a second home as Manager without batting an eye and has been successful in working with all the new staff, residents and families. She is always on top of all of her job duties, despite the many interruptions, individuals’ medical issues, and staffing issues that arise. She is excellent at developing positive relationships with everyone, and is always professional and responsive to every situation that arises. I always appreciate her insight into different situations that arise. We are so thankful that she has taken on this new responsibility and know that all are in good hands. Thank you Tina!

Kathy Perry

Kathy has always been a rock star advocate for the people she supports and the staff that she works with. Obstacles are consistently thrown her way and she always manages to deal with difficult situations with ease. She is always coming up with ideas to make the individuals’ lives more comfortable and engaging. She takes on extra nursing tasks and advocates with doctors and family members for the individuals’ physical and mental health needs. Thank you so much for your years of service and dedication to Phoenix. We appreciate you!

Thank you to you both for all you've done for our individuals!