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Three Employees Shine for August Award

Catherine Sobota, Wendy Price, and Barb Husaby were awarded Employee of the Month for August.

This month, we awarded three wonderful staff members for Employee of the Month.

Catherine Sobota

Catherine is a great support for the individuals who live at Ludden and her coworkers. Catherine jumps right in wherever she is needed. It doesn’t matter what her assigned tasks are or who her 1:1 is,  Catherine will do anything to assure the individuals’ needs and wants are met. Catherine has helped with covering open shifts, came in to take individuals to appointments, spent hours at the hospital to assure the person she is with feels comfortable, not alone, and made sure the staff that are providing treatment to them, know her well in a short amount of time. Catherine immediately comes to work and welcomes everyone at the house, from the individuals to the staff and any guests that may be there at the time of her arrival.

Catherine has assisted with many activities at Ludden House as well as out in the community. She helped the individuals with their garden again this year. She also does beading, made milkshakes, went to multiple Twins games, shopping, playing games, cooking, and just about anything that the individuals have shared are their interests.  Catherine has also volunteered her time to go with an individual on a 3-day trip to the Green Bay training camp and has taken individuals to family functions that are a couple hours away from Ludden House.

An individual that lives at Ludden told me that she loves when Catherine reads to her and others. “I love when she takes the time to make the moments fun and that she jokes around with all of us. She makes the times she spends with me and my housemates special,” the individual continued. “She makes me feel important and she shows interests in what I like and what my housemates like. We are not just a job to her. She doesn’t just come into our home and do what she needs to do and then leave us.”

I could give a list of reasons why I nominated Catherine, but the smiles, laughter, and the words spoken by an individual that lives at Ludden says more than I ever could.

Wendy Price

Wendy was at a family cabin with her friends when one of our individuals became ill. By 10 a.m. that morning, she had her guests leave and was on her way back to the cities to be with Liz and the English  staff. She was here all night until 1 p.m. the next afternoon with Liz and her family and friends. She has always been here for the team! Thanks for all you do Wendy!

Barb Husaby

Barb is very active in fundraising for the house. Between Made in the Shade, scrapbooking, and Schwan’s, she raises a lot of funds for our folks to take part in activities and attend camp. Barb makes sure that each of the folks look their best for the day, and she has great rapport with the families and vendors at English House. She also makes sure that camp meds and clothes are packed. She is a great asset to the English House. Thanks for all you do for Phoenix Barb!

Thank you to all of you for your dedication to The Phoenix Residence!