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Longtime Phoenix Employee Receives ARRM Cares Award

With great pleasure, we are proud to announce that longtime employee Diane Berg won our first-ever ARRM Cares Award ! Thank you for your nearly 40 years of service to The Phoenix Residence! You’ve undoubtedly touched so many lives because of your unending love and support for our individuals. We can’t thank you enough for all you do for our organization!

The ARRM Cares Award recognizes direct care staff from the state of Minnesota who go above and beyond in their organization by providing exceptional care and service to individuals with disabilities. Six winners are chosen each year and all are honored at the annual ARRM Conference, along with the nominees.

Just a few short weeks ago, we celebrated them all at the conference at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel. Below is a video that was dedicated to Berg that was shown at the luncheon. CEO/President Darlene Scott introduced Berg and spoke of her impact to The Phoenix Residence  Special thanks to ARRM* for this award!

To read Diane Berg’s nomination, click here.


*ARRM is a nonprofit association of more than 200 providers, businesses and advocates dedicated to leading the advancement of home and community-based services supporting people living with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful lives. The Phoenix Residence is a member of ARRM.