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Phoenix Celebrates ARRM Cares Award Nominees

Learn more about who was nominated this year for this year's award!

As we continue our celebration of Direct Support Professional Week, we'd like to take time to honor our staff who were nominated for the ARRM Cares Award this year. Although we didn’t win the award, the fact that they were nominated among all their peers exemplifies the amazing work they are doing! Thank you to all of you!! We appreciate you more than you know!

The ARRM Cares Award was established by our local trade association, ARRM, to recognize professionals in the disability community who provide excellent direct care and demonstrate a commitment to quality services. Learn more about our 2022 nominees below.

Snow Ree – Carver & Western Houses 

Years of Service: 7

“Snow provides personalized care in everything she does. She’s quick to think on her feet, but also thinks outside the box. She quickly recognizes and meets residents where they’re at, however she’s not afraid to challenge them—even if it means them striving to further maintain their independence.


Despite Snow’s small stature, she makes a strong presence in the home. She exudes a contagious positive attitude that can be felt throughout the home. Snow never personalizes someone’s grumpy exterior; if anything, she approaches these instances with a “can do” attitude and 99% of the time can swing things the other way where individuals are laughing to the point of almost crying.”

 James Lessard – Centerville House

Years of Service: 2.5

“James is one of our most dedicated staff members. He has been at Phoenix for over two years, is never late, and has only missed one day. The Program Manager has commented many times that for him being so new to the field, she is impressed at how well he has accelerated and exceled at his position.


Years ago, he was in an accident that left him with some injuries where he could not take care of himself for a long period of time. He says it really puts into perspective how to treat a person in need of care. “I just treat our residents how I want to be treated,” said James.”

Laurie Case—Chaparral House 

Years of Service: 35

“Laurie is so creative and excels at providing innovative, person-centered approaches into her work. Throughout the pandemic, Laurie continually found new ideas and outings out in the community, but ones that also kept the guys she supported safe.

For example, one time she brought all four of the individuals she works with to a Back to the 50s Car Show in Eagan. But before they attended, Laurie worked with the guys to make handmade cards with photos of each of their cars on the front. Inside was a thank you message from the guys. These cards were given to the owners when they visited the event. It’s the small but generous gestures like this that make her standout!”

This is just a snippet of their nominations. To read their full nominations, click on their name above.

If you’d like to nominate a DSP for the 2023 awards, please contact Jackie Larson at 651-294-7964 or via email at

Thank you to all of you for everything you do!!