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Our Staff Who Shined This Month

We had many winners this month for Manager & Employee of the Month. Read on to learn more about them! 

Managers of the Month 

Shirlena Wilson - Furness House

"I’d like to nominate Shirlena Wilson for Manager of the Month. Since I began my role in Staff Development in November, Shirlena has always been consistent and reliable when it comes to training.  She turns in complete training packets for her new employees without prompting. This helps them prepare for their role at Furness, ensures that the people who live there get great care, and helps new staff get their training bonuses. Shirlena is responsive and quick, and I never have to ask her for the same thing twice. Shirlena is eager to learn and has been attending new manager trainings consistently.  She is keeping up with staff meetings and doesn’t need reminders to turn them in. It feels good to know that the staff at Furness are trained, because this is the most basic step to help the people who live there feel safe and secure.

Shirlena always takes initiative with Disability Services Day at the Capitol. Three of the sisters who live at Furness House love to participate in the event with their other sister. Shirlena is always the first to reach out to let me know they want to participate and does everything she can to make that happen."

Priscilla Shaw - Nursing Team

"Priscilla recognized an issue at Douglas with general cleanliness of the home, as many individuals had a GI concern run through the home. She reported concerns and decided that she would take the  initiative to start the cleaning project herself.  She completed a thorough and detailed cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom areas. She took before and after pictures! In addition, she has come into work and helped with staffing issues to support the team. 

Priscilla has also been working diligently with the nutritionist, family, and multiple providers to help coordinate testing to assist in getting the correct diagnosis for an ailment. It has not been an easy effort. At another location, there is an individual who has been having a mental health decline. Her and the program manager have been communicating with the IDT team, parent, sister, and health care providers to assist in getting her back to calmness. Her efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you Priscilla!"

Employees of the Month

 George Winston - Carver House

"I’m recognizing George this month for the sense of “calmness” he brings to Carver, even when those around him are anything other. Committed to learning something new, George is determined to figure out something in his own way, providing exactly the same outcome, just a slightly different journey to get there! I appreciate how thoughtful George is with readying bathrooms/residents’ rooms for morning cares. He does things ahead of time, so the resident isn’t left waiting, which is near and dear to my heart. Recent hires have mentioned that they’ve enjoyed how thorough and patient George has been during training resident cares."

Michael Matthews - Carver House 

"I’m recognizing Mike this month for his positive energy he brings to his work. Mike exudes amazing patience, even in the most trying of times and/or trying of residents that is. Mike wastes no time finding ways to remain busy. He readily recognizes tasks that need to be done without even being asked. There isn’t a shift that doesn’t involve Mike “mopping” in some sort of way. Mike is one of the few people I know that is able to accept constructive feedback so graciously. Mike is always very warm and welcoming to all he meets, regardless of where he’s working!"

Ashley Brady - Viking House

"Ashley is a wonderful person. She is very good at her job. She cares a lot for the individuals. She always makes sure their needs are met and that they have a great start to the day. When Ashley started working at Viking, she was very quiet and hardly smiled or laughed. Now she is always smiling, laughing, and making conversation with the individuals. Because Ashley is great at what she does, I hope one day to see her move up into a team lead position, because I know she will be great at it."

Thank you to all our wonderful staff this month! We couldn't do this without you!