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Two Employees Stand Out This Month

This month, we awarded two staff members for their outstanding work: One Leader of the Month and One Customer Service of the Month.

Leader of the Month - LaTrice Palmer

Since LaTrice has become the Manager at Foss House, I have heard nothing but positive comments from staff, administration, and family members about how well things are going at Foss House. LaTrice has such a great attitude. She is organized, professional and detailed in her work. She works so well with the staff in the home and ensures the individuals all have their needs met and then some. She is a patient trainer that helps staff understand their role in ensuring Phoenix is providing the best quality of care. Foss and Phoenix are truly blessed that she is in this role and is a part of our commitment to excellence. Thanks for all of your hard work LaTrice!

Customer Service of the Month - Tanya Bailey

Tanya is relatively new to her role as our scheduling coordinator, but you wouldn’t know it based on how she goes about her business.  Every Tuesday she takes our schedules—which at times can look quite daunting—and somehow by Friday, she’s found a way to make everything work. I’d say she has a magic wand, but that would understate the hard work that she does every day to help us manage.

I am consistently impressed how she is able to take our 200+ person staff roster and move them like chess pieces to fill in holes, she’s seemingly two moves ahead of everyone else, and is able to see fixes that only she could see. She goes about her business in a straightforward, no-nonsense style that is a breath of fresh air. Along with that, her rapport and ability to work with the individuals we support is very impressive. She has a style that even our best frontline staff would be well served to emulate. 

Tanya has also been great at picking up the role of setting up volunteers for the golf tournament. She stepped right into the role without hesitation and started the process early. She keeps us up-to-date with any changes and made the transition between coordinators easy. She has also been on top of her role of coordination with student service learners. Periodically, we’ll send her emails that may pertain to that and she’s already on top of it. I appreciate that she’s very organized and on top of her tasks. Thanks for all you do Tanya!

Thank you LaTrice and Tanya for all your hard work!