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Resident Spotlight: Joe Carlson

The June Resident Spotlight features Joe Carlson from the Foss House.

The Phoenix Residence would like to recognize Joe Carlson as the Resident Spotlight for the month of June.  Joe is always full of smiles and laughing. There is never a time Joe seems mad or upset. On days when things seem to be going wrong, he is a light that shines through the clouds.

Joe has been living at the Foss House since 2010 and his housemates are always happy to see him. One of his housemates affectionately says “Oh Joey” when he is walking around laughing. 

Recently, Joe went to the circus and had his face painted. Joe enjoys dancing, working with his peg board, and just being around everyone at the house. You can usually find him walking throughout the house visiting with his friends!

Joe had a hospital stay a few months back and while he was sick, he still had a smile on his face. He quickly won over the nurses on the floor, who insisted on giving him hugs before he left. Joe is an amazing man and we are very lucky to have him a part of our Phoenix family!