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Phoenix Soars in 2012!

The Phoenix Residence received outstanding scores from the annual satisfaction survey. 

At The Phoenix Residence Inc. we have many committees focused on the continued improvement of our organization.  Two of our committees, Customer Service and Quality Council facilitate our Satisfaction Surveys and review the responses. After consolidating and reviewing the data received, we would like to share the great responses as well as what we are working on in regards to the feedback from the survey.

Our overall satisfaction rating from our employees increased again this year from 8.1 to 8.4 on a 10-point scale. Our turnover rate continues to decrease, reaching a year-end of 20%.  The Phoenix Residence is very fortunate to have such an exceptional workforce dedicated to serving the residents who live in our homes.  The industry average for turnover is 40-45% - we are proud to have our rate less than half.   Having a low turnover rate saves Phoenix a great deal in training and expenses - a reason why we are able to provide the exceptional services are known for.

After reading the comments from our employees, it is no surprise why our turnover rate has dropped consistently over the past few years.  Here are a few actual comments people provided on the survey:

  • Phoenix has been extremely good to me as an employee.  They are very caring and understanding to everyone whom is employed here.  They are always finding a way to show appreciation to the staff.
  • Phoenix Residence Inc. is "Hands Down" the best company I have ever had the pleasure of working for.

Additionally, 96% of the respondents indicated they would refer someone to work at The Phoenix Residence and here’s why:

  • Excellent company and everyone is so fair! They listen and make changes as needed.
  • Phoenix is a great employer. They care not only for the residents but for the employees and their families.
  • Phoenix Residence is an exceptional organization.  The administrative team is an extremely caring and generous group of individuals who look out for the best benefit of all residents, and all staff.  I can say I am truly honored to work with the Phoenix team.
  • Phoenix is the best company I have worked for.  I've never felt more appreciated and at home in a job.
  • It is a great company, from the top to the bottom, the company treats you with respect and values it's workers.

The praise didn’t stop with just our employees.  Our family members, case managers, and DT&Hs also responded with an overwhelming majority rating us as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Exceptional’ in all categories.

As we continue to refine our services, we have taken the responses from the survey, along with other feedback we have received and are looking at improvements in 2013.  Some of the highlights are:

  • Review our benefit and pay options for our employees to ensure we are providing the best wages possible for those who make The Phoenix Residence an exceptional place to live.
  • Continue to train and develop our abilities to be “person centered” in all we do, especially in the areas of meals and programming.
  • Increase our ability to provide diagnosis specific training to our employees to help better support the unique needs of the residents we serve with a focus on dementia, behavioral support, TBI, and Mental Health/Illness.

Thank you everyone who completed a survey in 2012. Your feedback has been exceptionally helpful and we look forward to hearing back from you in 2013 as we continue to improve our services to best meet the needs of the individuals living at The Phoenix Residence and our employees who support them.