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Phoenix Residence Recognizes September Manager of the Month

The Phoenix Residence would like to recognize Pam Owen as the September Manager of the Month!

Pam Owen is the “Queen Mother Bee” at Viking House – she is instrumental at coordinating the “fun stuff” at the house.  Every holiday, Pam makes sure the home is beautifully decorated – she takes careful consideration on how the folks who live at Viking would like their house decorated.  Even some of the decorations are hand-crafted and created by those we serve.  Pam, along with individuals and staff help plan the many parties hosted throughout the year at the house.  

For the past five years, Viking has a Halloween party.  An individual who lives at the home has difficulty with large crowds of people, causing her anxiety.  However, she doesn’t mind a large crowd of people she is familiar with in her own home. Everyone comes in costumes and brings chili to share for the chili contest. This year, over 60 people attended the festivities!

Pam started hosting other parties (as everyone loves to celebrate) within the home to meet her needs. Everyone at the house helps plan who to invite, what to serve, and what activities to host.  Family members, co-workers, individuals from other houses, and past employees are typical invitees to the parties. Even after the passing of a beloved housemate, Pam continues to invite her circle of friends as friendships have emerged over the years.

Pam makes everyone’s life so special for those who live at Viking House.  Thank you Pam for all you do!