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Celebrating National DSP Recognition Week

Phoenix is celebrating National DSP Week. Thank you for all you do!

From September 9-13, we will be celebrating National DSP Recognition Week.  On behalf of the individuals we support, the board of directors and management staff of The Phoenix Residence, we sincerely thank you for your dedicated service.

Congratulations to each of you for the difference you make and your contributions to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities! You are the backbone of Phoenix - thank you for all you do!

Phoenix would like to recognize:

Donella McGee at Chaparral House - Donella comes to work in with enthusiasm. She makes sure all of our guys get out to the community. She helped JP set up his iTunes account and took DH to Valley fair.  Her enthusiasm is infectious!  Thanks Donella!

Shirley Taylor at Viking House - Shirley has a very friendly and welcoming personality.  She treats everyone like part of the family with kindness and respect.  I just love the sound of her voice greeting each person as they get home from their day programs. Thanks for all you do!

Mei Mancao at Furness House - Mei comes to work every day with a smile on her face! She loves to laugh and engages the residents in everything she does. She is always there when we need her. Mei is a true Rock Star - thank for all you do!

Carol Sharp at Centerville House - Carol always comes to work with a smile - she is so positive and it rubs off on other people. Carol works hard and enjoys doing something extra around the house like keeping the plants alive and washing out trash cans, etc. Thank you Carol for all that you do!

Mary Saleem at Foss House - Mary does a fabulous job of getting everyone at Foss out and about in the community. She focuses on their interests and needs when planning outings with them. Everyone here enjoys going out with Mary. Thanks Mary for all you do!

Shemeeka Washington at Viking House - Shemeeka knows the residents well and always take the time to inform new staff about important information. She is polite and friendly in her communication on the phone or in person. Thanks for all you do Shemeeka!!

Paul Giadyu at Newport House -  Paul has been absolutely fantastic with training in the three new staff we have at Newport. Paul is a seasoned med passer, and takes this task very seriously.  He is a joy to be around, and all of the residents enjoy when he is working. Paul is one of the ROCKSTARS of Newport!

John Anderson at Furness House - John goes out of his way to ensure that everyone is happy at Furness. He helps out whenever and wherever he can. He is a great member of our team. That is why he is a Rock Star!