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The Phoenix Residence Employee and Manager of the Year

Congratulations to Samantha Summy and Cathy Darby as Employee and Manager of the Year!

 Samantha Summy, Support Professional at Howard, is the 2013 Phoenix Residence Employee of the Year.  Congratulations Samantha!

At Howard, you will always find Sam doing “something”. If not passing medication, she is busy helping a resident with a goal, cooking, or going above and beyond her call of duty.

When new staff is hired, she is always willing to train the new employee and does a stellar job. During a recent visit to Howard, Sam was busy deep cleaning a resident’s wheel chair; always putting 100% in everything she does.  When the house needed to be deep cleaned, Sam was hard at work cleaning rooms, including the light fixtures. She also takes the residents out on outings around town and tries to engage them in various activities at Howard.

If Sam has a question or a concern, she does not hesitate to ask.  She always sees every task she is involved with to completion and assures the residents are safe, happy, and healthy.  Congratulations Samantha!

Cathy Darby, Program Manager at Janet Court, is the 2013 Phoenix Residence Manager of the Year. Congratulations Cathy!

Cathy truly makes Janet Court a fun place to work and live. This past summer, she organized a garage sale to help raise funds for Made in the Shade; getting both the staff and residents involved. Cathy also planned and organized a fun day of bowling for staff, residents, and family members – a fun day was had by all!

She helped make Made in the Shade fun for everyone at Janet. Cathy is always willing to help out whenever needed.  She has also offered to help train new managers or staff at other community sites. Cathy continues to bring positive energy and changes to Janet Court. Congratulations Cathy!!