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Focus on Wellness - Mei Mancao

Me Mancao, a DSP at The Phoenix Residence, has a passion for running and has included others in her hobby

Mei, a DSP at English, Furness, and Howard Houses has a passion for running and has included others in her hobby.

About a year ago, Mei Mancao was running solo and was looking for a running buddy.  Soon two people joined her and as of recent, her newly formed running club has blossomed to over 45 active members. They call themselves the Twin Cities Runners with most members new to running.

Last November the group was preparing for their first big race, the Get in Gear Half Marathon. They trained all winter long running in snowy, subzero temperatures. A total of 17 running club members crossed the finish line.  Mei was in tears when the runners received their medals, especially those who finished their first half marathon.

The Twin Cities Runners battle the heat, snow, rain, sleet – in all types of weather they are out in the elements training. Most recently, six members ran in Grandma's marathon and now ten members are signed up for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.

This past summer Mei traveled to Thailand participated in the Laguna Phuket International Marathon, ran in Grandma’s in Duluth, and then an ultra-marathon in Hastings – all within a couple weeks. Many of the members look up to Mei for inspiration, but in turn, they have inspired and motivated her to become a better runner.