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Phoenix Recognizes the May Manager of the Month

Tanya Bailey is the Phoenix May Manager of the Month!

Tanya Bailey is the Phoenix May Manager of the Month!  Tanya is always willing to jump right in whenever and wherever she is needed.  And lucky for Phoenix, Tanya was willing to dive right into the Howard survey this year.  We were without a manager at Howard this year during survey, and Tanya stepped up and ran it with Shawna.  She didn’t need to be asked, begged, or pleaded with, she just did what needed to be done.  We have had several new admits within the last few years, and Tanya has developed very strong bonds.  One of the new residents, moved in with literally the clothes on his back. Tanya donated clothing for him from her family members. 

She also receives late night phone calls when people need to talk and need to be reminded of their relaxation techniques.  Tanya does not go around publicizing the things that she does, you just catch wind of it when you’re at the houses - that is truly the epitome of a “serving heart."   Tanya spends hours working on the weekends as she finds it important to have that interaction with the residents.  She enjoys spending time with residents when schedules are not so hectic; and, there is always time to go out to lunch on the weekends.  She promotes ideas for the betterment of the organization and the people we serve - it is evident on the resident’s faces when she enter a room.  Congratulations Tanya!