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Phoenix Residence Recognizes May Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Tanya Berg and Ashley Rodriguez as the May Employee of the Month!

Tanya Berg

The Phoenix Residence would like to recognize Tanya Berg as the May Employee of the Month. She always comes to work with an upbeat and happy attitude; which helps improve everyone’s mood. She goes above and beyond in the programs area – always making good suggestions for program updates that benefit the residents. She also takes the time to encourage residents to be as independent as possible - even if it causes her to run late.

Her coworkers all enjoy working with her and especially appreciate her "great attitude". When she is working, she keeps the residents fully engaged in activities throughout the entire shift; singing and dancing, coloring, or even helping out in the kitchen. She is an exceptional staff member who cares for and supports the residents in everything she does. The Phoenix Residence is lucky to have her as an employee. Congratulations Tanya!

Ashley Rodriguez

The Phoenix Residence would like to recognize Ashley Rodriguez as May Employee of the Month.  Ashley works as a reserve staff for Phoenix, along with filling several temporary positions. Ashley is a bundle of energy and NEVER sits down!  She will clean anything she finds needing cleaning and is very willing to take on extra duties. The house was spotless the entire time Ashley was working, yet ensuring the residents were happy and got the attention they deserve.  

Ashley needed very little training once she came aboard; she is a "natural", providing clients excellent care from day one. Ashley cares deeply for the clients – one of our clients had made a statement that he felt depressed, Ashley suggested an outing.  The resident was all smiles when he returned!  She organizes many outings, with many just "spur of the moment".  The clients are all very fond of Ashley as well as her co-workers. Congratulations Ashley!