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Phoenix Recognizes March Manager of the Month

Shawna Zechmeister is The Phoenix Residence March Manager of the Month!

Shawna Zechmeister is the Phoenix March Manager of the Month!  Last year, Shawna was asked to take on a pilot project of managing an additional home to her current two.  In addition to Lydia and Suburban, Shawna took the reigns at Howard. Shawna quickly adjusted to the ICF world and she taught Phoenix staff the in’s and out’s of multiple site management - three was very different than two.

It was quickly learned when there are too many urgent matters needing attention, one just simply can’t be at three places at one time.  The choices were to either clone Shawna or go back to the original model of the Lydia/Suburban split.  Shawna stayed on board at Howard and helped as much as possible.  We will never be able to thank her enough for even trying this task.  When proposed with the idea, she simply answered “Yes, I can do it.”  That is a very typical response you’ll get from Shawna when you ask anything of her.

During this time, Shawna had to back off on some of the committees she had previously participated on; however, would always communicate her ideas to committee members to bring to the forefront.  Thank you, Shawna, for your willingness to not only see change, but promote it.  Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for The Phoenix Residence and the residents that live here.  Congratulations Shawna!