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Phoenix Residence Recognizes the March Employee and Manager of the Month

The Phoenix Residence would like recognize Jason Johnsen as the March Employee of the Month and Niki Novak as the March Manager of the Month!

Jason Johnsen, a Direct Support Professional at Foss House, is a genuine, kind, compassionate man, who cares about what he does and the impact he has on others. Jason has an amazing connection with each and every person at Foss house. He rarely sits and when he does, it’s typically to visit with an individual or to play a game. Jason works every other weekend and spends quality time with each individual. During the weekend, he goes out for coffee and plays scrabble at the coffee shop with one of the ladies and takes an individual out to meet her family. He has great connection with all family members at Foss house.

Jason is a great team player and always gets the job done. Jason cares about his job, co-workers, and is a team player with great ideas.  Jason has been an amazing asset to Foss House and The Phoenix Residence. Thank you for all you do!

The Phoenix Residence would like to recognize Niki Novak as the Manager of the Month!

Niki Novak, Program Manager at Suburban House, has been instrumental in bridging homes when management support is needed.  The responsibility with this task can be challenging.  Niki, however, has functioned in an impressive manner; it is as if she has been at the home for ages.  The individuals and families feel supported and the employees are thankful and engaged.  Niki is a positive individual with a “we can do this” attitude.

She orders supplies, runs to the bank, sorts the mail, organizes the house, runs to the bank again, juggles this and that  . . . all without a problem and a smile on her face.  Niki has performed beautifully in this new role. Thank you Niki for all you do!