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Phoenix Residence Recognizes the February Managers of the Month

The Phoenix Residence would like to recognize Cathy Darby from Janet Court and Elizabeth Larson from Foss House as the February Managers of the Month

The Phoenix Residence would like to recognize Cathy Darby and Elizabeth Larson as the February Managers of the Month

Cathy, Program Manager at Janet Court, is a great support to the individuals, families, and team. Recently, an individual passed away at Janet Court and Cathy did an exceptional job recognizing how difficult this process was for the family and her team; she found ways to focus on the positives. She spoke with everyone about celebrating his life and how full it was. He accomplished many great things in his life and Cathy helped to make this the focal point as they supported him through his last days. In addition, she ensured the team had the training they needed to support this individual during this difficult time. The leadership Cathy provides daily makes a significant difference, especially when times are difficult.

Liz, Program Manager at Foss House, recently guided her team through the loss of an individual. This person’s health declined rather quickly and with the news of hospice being needed, the family wanted to be involved. A family member who lost touch for some time came to visit. Liz spoke with her staff about what a gift this was to the individual to be able to be surrounded by family during this difficult time. Liz also supported the individual’s brother who lives out of state by talking with him daily on the phone and coordinating conversations with his sister. Liz provides great leadership with the ability to recognize people needs.  

Cathy and Liz did a wonderful job supporting the people we serve, family members, and teams during a difficult time. Both managers ensured families could focus on what was important and they exemplified the type of service we strive for at Phoenix. Thank you both for everything you have done and continue to do!