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The Phoenix Residence Outstanding Leadership Award Nominee - Elizabeth Larson

Elizabeth Larson, an employee at the Foss House, was nominated for The Phoenix Residence Outstanding Leadership Award.

Elizabeth has developed relationships with the residents at Foss that transcends her simply being the manager at the home where these individuals receive care and services.  She knows and relates to the residents on a personal basis.  Elizabeth is ever-observant for ways to alter our services or support our team to meet the needs our residents.  She speaks with her residents often and ensures they always have a voice when coordinating their care, which can be very complex.  She listens to their concerns and takes steps to help explain upcoming procedures, or changes in their bodies in ways that help them to understand.

Elizabeth works very hard in coordinating the social activities for the residents at Foss.  They have a number of things they enjoy doing at home and in the community - Elizabeth is sensitive to everyone's interests and needs. She works with the staff to ensure outings are facilitated and attends the events with the residents.

In the customer service category, Elizabeth excels.  If every member of this organization demonstrated her willingness to take on additional projects to support The Phoenix Residence and complete them with high integrity, we would see tremendous growth. She does this not for praise and recognition, but because she is a member of something that goes beyond facilitating the services at the Foss house.  She is a servant leader in every sense of the word and she serves here with us at the Phoenix Residence.  When it comes to getting feedback or support she is someone I rely upon greatly. She continues to find time to meet their needs because she is invested in the continued success of this organization.