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The Phoenix Residence Outstanding Leadership Award Nominee - Jessica Ohlhauser

Jessica Ohlhauser, Program Coordinator, was nominated for The Phoenix Residence Outstanding Leadership Award.

Jessica has always had a great relationship with her staff and residents.  She bonded with the residents on Red Unit, at Douglas House, and now at Drexel; she strives to make the house warm and inviting. Our company picnic would not be nearly as successful without the organization and planning of Jessica and the recreation committee. A few years ago, Jessica located a larger venue as our picnic has become a very popular event for all of our residents, family members, and staff.

The Halloween party is also a big hit every year and it takes a lot of planning and preparation.  Jessica scheduled the venue, planned the refreshments, and spearheads decorating and clean-up for this event. She also planned and organized a trip to the Twins Game last summer  - it was a big hit and enjoyed by everyone.  Jessica also participates on many other committees (Staff Development, Safety, and Policy and Procedure to name a few) and has been an integral part of the golf event taking on co-chair of the Silent Auction and Raffle committee.  She solicits many donations for our event and sells her ten tickets at least ten times over.  In the last few years she has had little to no assistance with the basket she creates for the silent auction with her sister houses.  

Congratulations Jessica!