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A Chance to Give Back

Josh Trumper, House Supervisor at the Viking House recently submitted a letter in support of a COLA was posted on the ARRM website.

Authored by Josh Trumper ~ Appearing on ARRM Blog

I can say with pride I thoroughly enjoy the job I have been blessed with. I am talking about my position as a Direct Care Support Staff and House Supervisor at a home that provides services to six individuals with developmental and physical disabilities.I am currently employed by The Phoenix Residence - going on my fourth year.

I first started working in this field when I turned 18, and began working at a group home in my home town. This was a job I thought would be a great opportunity to get me through college as it offered flexible hours as well as the opportunity to empower and enrich others... and it gave me a great deal of satisfaction. I found “my niche”, my purpose in life, and an opportunity to make a real change.  Click here to read the full article.