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Individuals Honored at Phoenix Family Fall Fiesta

The Phoenix Residence hosted the first annual Family Fall Fiesta and honored Terri Casey, Diane Joarnt, and Wanda Draper. Congratulations!

The Phoenix Residence hosted our first annual Phoenix Fall Family Fiesta in September. The event was held at Ideal Hall in St. Paul. It was a great day to celebrate those we serve and our family members! We honored Diane, Wanda, and Terri at the event – congratulations ladies! A big thank you to the Phoenix Rec Committee, staff, and family members for making this such a fun day!

Terri Casey

Terri has been living at Newport House for 11 years and just celebrated her 47th birthday at the Minnesota State Fair. Terri enjoys bowling and began bowling for Special Olympics in 2014 and hopes to compete again this year. She has the most contagious laugh and is very close with her Momma Pat.

Terri loves to watch family feud and go to the casino, especially if she can win big! She also enjoys an occasional drink like a grasshopper.

Terri is one of the sweetest women I have met and gets along with just about everyone especially animals and creepy crawlies.

I am truly blessed to know Terri and have her as a part of my life!

Diane Joarnt

Diane has lived with Phoenix for over 20 years. She currently lives at Ludden House in Mounds View with five individuals she has lived with the majority of her life at Phoenix.  

For those who know Diane, know she rarely puts herself first; she looks out for her family, friends, and peers. She enjoys working at both MSS and Red Lobster and likes to put away items at home and ensures needed items are ordered.

Diane looks out for her housemates by advocating their needs and wants, and assists communicating for them to staff. When Diane’s housemates are sick, she checks on them frequently and when she returns for the day, she goes to their room to check to see how their day went. She has been known to sneak them a can of her pop or perhaps a sweet treat to help them feel better.  

Diane accepts everyone for who they are and sees them as a person with no faults.  Diane has a big heart and a great personality and I am happy to have her as a part of my journey at Phoenix.

 Wanda Draper

Wanda has been with The Phoenix Residence since January of 2013. Wanda is a very sweet woman; she loves arts and crafts, nature, and smiling. Wanda is always giving and always willing to help someone. She is very independent and is a great advocate for herself and peers.

Everyday Wanda goes to Clinton’s garden and picks flowers for the kitchen table. She also puts little cute stickers on the calendar to remind everyone what day it is. You can count on Wanda to greet you with a smile and a warming heart-felt conversation, and you will most likely leave with a gift.

We here at Clinton House are very happy to have Wanda in our lives!

Congratulations Terri, Diane, and Wanda!