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Employees Honored at Annual Holiday Lunch

The Phoenix Residence honored three employees for their contributions in the areas of Person-Centeredness, Innovation, and Team Building and Customer Service during the Annual Holiday Luncheon. Employees were also recognized for their years of service at the luncheon for reaching milestones 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years.

Person-Centered Award
Honoree: Catherine Sobota
Nominator: Shawna Zechmeister

“Over this past summer, Catherine helped the individuals grow a garden from seed; from tomatoes, to flowers, to cucumbers and strawberries. Every afternoon, they would gather outside and discuss the garden, even in the rain. When the strawberries were ready, she made sure everyone could taste the sweet reward of their hard work.”

Team Building and Customer Service Award
Honoree: Barb Husaby
Nominator: Diane Berg and Cathy Darby

“Barb is a true team player helping out whenever she can; Barb brings knowledge and expertise to her position. She is a mentor and trains staff members on all aspects of the individuals we serve with a focus on the likes and dislikes which really make a difference in the quality of care they receive. Family members rave about the personal attention Barb gives and the thoughtfulness of her actions; whether it is pictures of loved ones or a personal message remembering birthdays and special occasions. Barb is always bubbly, outgoing and compassionate.”

Innovation Award
Honoree: Jennifer Gottschling
Nominator: Brandy Willis

“Jennifer has taken the technology she uses at MSS and has made many changes at Drexel Court.  She has used enabling devices with our individuals and made a few suggestions on what would work well in the house; it’s amazing what she brings to the table. We now have the enabling device catalog coming to the home – she has made several recommendations and we’re working on a new plan for 2017."

Thank you to all Phoenix Residence employees for your contributions and dedication to our organization and the disability industry!