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Gertens Spring Bedding Plants and Perennials Fundraiser

It is time again for the annual Gertens Spring Bedding and Perennials fundraiser!  Like last year, a variety of beautiful and quality spring bedding plants and perennials will be available; choose from beautiful hanging baskets, individual annuals, vegetables, and herbs.

The proceeds raised from the Gertens fundraiser directly support the individuals we serve. Each house is encouraged to select a fundraising goal for 2017 – here are a few ideas:

  • English House – Music Therapy
  • Caswell House – Music Therapy
  • Centerville Hosue – NewTrax Transportation Services for Community Engagement Actitivies
  • Janet Court – Music Therapy and Day Trips
  • Ludden House – House Activities, Community Outings,  and Supplies for the Garden
  • Viking House – Wheelchair Accessible Swing

The Phoenix Residence will schedule two delivery locations:

South Location Delivery on May 16— Phoenix Central Office
Central Office, Carver, Chaparral, Clinton, Douglas, Drexel, Eric’s, Foss, Furness,  Howard, Lydia, Newport, and Suburban

North Location Delivery on May 18— English House
Caswell, Centerville, English, Janet Court, Ludden, Viking, and Western

To download an order form, click here . Order forms are due to the Central Office (330 Marie Ave East, West St. Paul, MN 55118) by Tuesday, April 4.

If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Koenigs at 651-294-7964.

Thank you for supporting The Phoenix Residence!