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Phoenix Residence Recognizes the December Managers of the Month

The Phoenix Residence would like recognize Diane Berg, Cathy Darby, and Shawna Zechmeister as the December Managers of the Month!

Program Managers Shawna, Berg, and Cathy have been practicing person-centered principles long before it became an organizational initiative. Whether it is making each holiday special, welcoming and involving family whenever possible, helping people have exceptional life experiences, encouraging individuals to give back to their community, or just taking the time to listen; Shawna, Cathy and Berg lead by example.  

From taking light rail to the Twins game, growing bountiful gardens, helping with an indoor greenhouse, hosting holiday sing-a-longs, organizing volunteering at nursing homes, and planning trips to fun places such as Duluth and Branson; the list could go on and on!  These ladies have done it all!  

They have helped so many individuals live full, meaningful lives.  And sadly, when a life has come to an end, they have assisted that person end their journey with dignity and compassion.  Despite their own grief, they have helped family and friends through the difficult process. 

We are so lucky to have Shawna, Cathy, and Berg part of our Phoenix family!