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Darlene Scott elected President of ARRM

Darlene Scott elected President of the Association of Residential Resources in Minnesota (ARRM).

During ARRM's June 21 board of directors meeting, the president's gavel was both symbolically and literally passed from Devin Nelson (Habilitative Services, Inc.), ARRM's outgoing president, to Darlene Scott (The Phoenix Residence, Inc.), ARRM's newly-elected president.

ARRM leads the advancement of community-based services that support people with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful lives. Founded in 1970 by a group of private providers, ARRM is an association of 150 providers supporting thousands of people with disabilities. ARRM’s members provide services through the DD, TBI, CADI and CAC waivers, and ICFs/MR and SILS.  ARRM is committed to assuring that Minnesota has a viable private provider sector to promote consumer choice, adequate funding, and appropriate regulation.

Congratulations Darlene!