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Daniel Heimer Moved out of Clinton House

Daniel Heimer, a resident of the Clinton House, moved to his very own apartment!

Daniel Heimer recently moved out of Clinton house into a more independent living environment.  On January 11, Dan was smiling from ear to ear as the day had finally come for him to move to his own apartment!  Having an apartment  of his own was Dan's goal after moving into Clinton two years ago.  Dan would frequently say, “Moving Out.”  Dan, along with this assistance of the Clinton staff and the internet, helped him locate his apartment.  Over the course of several months, he toured many apartments, but was unable to find a location that would accommodate his needs.  Dan then completed an application for the National Handicapped Housing and the Humboldt Apartments.  For months Dan and staff members would call to see where his name was on the waiting list and hoping it would move to the top.  Finally, he received a call!  In the meantime time, Dan continued to attend his speech therapy appointments and worked on his goal to be independent.  Dan is so proud of his new apartment - congratulations Dan!