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The Phoenix Residence Partners with Century College Engineering Students

Century College Students were tasked with creating a devise or prototype to assist individuals in the disability community

The Phoenix Residence was contacted by Century College about a project students from the Introduction to Engineering class were asked to complete. The students in this course were tasked with creating a devise or prototype to assist individuals in the disability community.  In past years, students created something they “thought” would be helpful or needed by an individual with disabilities. To make this even a better experience, the college has partnered with organizations like The Phoenix Residence to create a product or service that is truly meaningful.

The Phoenix Residence provided Century College a list of ideas – adaptable games, a hand grabber/reacher, page turner for books and magazines, call system that can be activated with someone’s eyes, and an accessible garden bed. Many of these ideas are not available on the market today or the existing model is not meeting the needs of the individual.

Students selected their project and interviewed those requesting the new device. Once the device was completed, it was presented to the individual. This project gave the students an opportunity to gain real-world experience, beyond what a traditional classroom can offer.

English House

A group of students selected the task of making board game more accessible for the folks at English House. The students, Nick, Justin, and Trent used existing board games such as Bingo and Uno. They used a series of switches to turn the Bingo cage – now everyone has an opportunity to participate. Game night at English House is even more fun!!

Janet Court

A group of students partnered with Janet Court to create a custom plant watering system for Robin. Robin, who has a love for plants, needed an easy-to-use tool to assist him with his watering chores. The students who created the tool certainly went above and beyond. Not only did they create an awesome watering tool, but they helped Robin become more independent. The students are still in contact with Robin to answer questions and to ensure the watering system was still functioning correctly.  Thank you Century College!

Thank you Century College for your dedication to individuals with disabilities!