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Gertens Spring Plant Sale 2023

Stock up on all your gardening needs with our annual Spring Plant Sale!

Our Gertens Plant Sale is now up and running! We know it’s hard to think about spring with snow on the ground, but now is the time to get them ordered for delivery in May! We have a variety of items to choose from—hanging baskets, annuals, perennials, vegetables, and herbs. With several new items this year!

All proceeds raised go directly to the individuals we support to help them live a quality and fulfilling life, including opportunities such as music therapy, community engagement activities, and adaptive equipment. Each home decides how to use their proceeds.

This year’s Plant Sale has moved online, so all orders must be made and paid for online. Anyone can order from us, so share this with all your friends and family! 

To access our Plant Sale site, follow the instructions below or scan the QR Code & it will bring you straight to the ordering website! 

1.   Go to
2.   Enter our STORE ID CODE: 400
3.  Choose either Central Office or English House from the drop-down menu for a delivery location. The addresses and the delivery dates are as follows:

               Central Office – May 16, 2022 
                  222 Plato Blvd. E
               St. Paul, MN 55107

                  English House – May 17, 2022
               1336 E. County Road E
               Vadnais Heights, MN 55110

4.   Enter the name of the Phoenix home you are supporting/would like the proceeds to go to in the Seller’s Box. If you don’t have a preference, type in Central Office.     
5.   Choose which items you’d like to buy.
6.   Enter in payment. 

ORDERS ARE DUE BY APRIL 6, 2023 AT 10 PM. No late orders will be accepted after this date!

**PLEASE NOTE: Quantities are limited on some items. If an item sells out, Gertens will mark it as sold out on our site and you will NOT be able to order that item. So, we strongly encourage you to shop early!

Questions? Please reach out to PR Coordinator Jackie Larson at 651-294-7964 or via email at and she can walk you through it. 

Want to Promote This to Your Friends & Family? Share this fundraising flyer or QR Code with them! This QR Code will bring them right to the ordering website. 

Thank you for your support and for spreading the word!!