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Update from Minnesota State Legislature

We are in crunch time at the legislature! Find out where we are at with the state budget -- including the Health & Human Services Budget! 

A lot has been happening on the legislative front, so wanted to give you an update with the latest developments.


The Minnesota Legislature convened on June 14 for a Special Session to craft a 2-year state budget. The deadline to do so in July 1; if no agreement is made, it could result in a government shutdown. Compromise has been made on both sides, but they have passed budgets in the following areas: commerce, climate & energyhigher educationagricultureclean water, outdoors, arts, and cultural heritage projects funded through the Legacy Amendment; and transportationhousingenvironment; and jobs & workforce development.

And as of this past weekend, the legislature did approve a final Health & Human Services Budget! They have sent it to Governor Walz for approval. 

As our local trade organization, ARRM, reports "This bill contains significant funding from the federal government that was allocated to states this last April through the American Rescue Plan Act. This funding makes increased investments for people with disabilities through rate increases for PCA services, numerous grants to promote self-advocacy programs and language and training to support informed decision making and further independence to name a few."

To read all about what's included, please visit ARRM's website