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The Arc Holds Storytelling Vigil for Support of Legislative Act

The Arc organized this 24-hour vigil to reiterate the need for support of home and community-based services.

The latest news from The Arc, a national advocacy group, reports of a vigil that was held to urge Congress to include the disability community in the Build Back Better Act. See below for more details. For the full story, visit here.

Disability Rights Activists and Care Workers Hold 24-Hour Storytelling Vigil to Urge Congress to Pass Funding for Home and Community-Based Services

On October 6, The Arc, ADAPT, and the “Care Can’t Wait” coalition of disability rights, labor, health, aging, and caregiving groups held a 24-hour vigil outside of the U.S. Capitol building to demand funding for home care services in President Biden’s “Build Back Better” package before Congress. The group delivered over 7,500 stories collected by The Arc from individuals impacted by dearth home and community-based services. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) closed out the vigil outside the Capitol by imploring his colleagues in Congress to vote “yes” on the transformative Build Back Better plan that could “put the country on the road to having the best caregiving in the world.” More information on the vigil and rally can be found here.