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Legislative Update: Breaking News on Omnibus Bill

The Minnesota Senate released it's Health and Human Services Omnibus Bill with a grim outlook for health care providers. Supporters and providers are asked to reach out State Senator for one final push.

With just three weeks away from the end of the legislative session, now is crunch time for the House and Senate to come together and resolve their differences. Today, breaking news broke that the Senate ended provider tax and critical services.

Overnight, the Senate passed a Health and Human Services (HHS) Omnibus Bill that shows the beginnings of the stark future without the health care provider tax. The fate of the provider tax may be decided as early as next week. That's why we need to take action now. 

THE ASK: Please make a rapid response call today (or as soon as possible this week) to protect Minnesotan’s health care. Reach out directly to the State Senator for your home and your service site to tell them “Don’t Let the Sunset on Minnesota Health Care." 

Find your Senator here:

Here is what you should tell your Senator:

My name is [name] and I live at [address]. I am calling to express my support for the provider tax and the Health Care Access Fund. [Add your personal story or a few talking points about why you support maintaining the health care provider tax]. Failing to preserve the provider tax will put at risk the health and well-beings of Minnesotans . I hope Senator [X] will work with their colleagues to repeal the sunset of the provider tax and maintain funding for the Health Care Access Fund. Thank you. 

Questions? Please contact Jon Poulson or Jackie Larson at 651-227-7655.

Thank you for your advocacy! Together, we can save our services!