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Get Out And Vote Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Election Day 2020. Learn about all the ways you can still vote.

Tomorrow is Election Day! Your voice matters in this election, so please make sure to get out and vote tomorrow—if you are healthy and show no signs of COVID-19, of course. Be sure to wear a mask and follow all social distancing guidelines as well! The future of disability services is in the hands of those who get elected, both federally and locally.

Late last week, the U.S. Appeals Court reversed the established extension for returning an absentee ballot by mail.
IN SHORT: Ballots must now be returned to the county elections office by Tuesday, November 3rd. This means, if you have an absentee ballot, do not mail it in; it is too late!

Instead of mailing in your ballot, you could:

• Drop it off at your county election office. You can find your county election office hereYou must drop it off by 3 pm tomorrow, November 3rd to make sure it is counted!

• Have someone deliver your ballot for you. This is called “agent delivery.” It is an option for Minnesotans with disabilities, older adults, and people who cannot get to their polling place because of health conditions. Learn more about agent delivery here. Minnesota law allows a person to drop off up to three ballots for others during an election.

• You can also vote in-person on Election Day. Polls will be open until 8 PM. You will be allowed to vote if you are in line by 8 PM, even if you do not reach the front of the line until after 8 PM. Most polling locations are open 7 AM – 8 PM.

To find your Minnesota polling location, please visit the Secretary of State's website.

Make sure your vote is counted! Thank you for your advocacy!