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Minnesota Legislative Races Confirmed

The election results are in! Here's who represents our Phoenix homes.

The Phoenix Residence would like to congratulate the 2021 Minnesota House and Senate members on their reelection! The elections were intense this year – several races requiring a recount because the races were so close. Many of the legislators who represent The Phoenix Residence were re-elected, however, we did welcome a few new faces.

House                                           State Representative          State Senator

Afton                                       Tony Jurgens                        Karla Bigham

Carver                                     Tou Xiong                              Susan Kent

Caswell                                   Ami Wazlawik                      Roger Chamberlain

Chaparral                              John Huot                              Greg Clausen

Clinton                                   Carlos Mariani                      Sandra Pappas

Douglas & Suburban          Jay Xiong                                Foung Hawj

Drexel                                     Robert Bierman                    Greg Clausen

Eric’s & Newport                  Keith Franke                          Karla Bigham

Foss                                         John Thompson                   Foung Hawj

Furness & Howard               Leon Lillie                              Charles Wiger

Janet Court & Ludden        Kelly Moller                           Jason Isaacson

Lydia                                       Peter Fischer                         Charles Wiger

Central Office                       Rick Hansen                          Matt Klein

Centerville, English            Jamie Becker-Finn               Jason Isaacson     
Viking, Western                                    

Rep. Keith Franke replaces former Rep. Anne Claflin and Rep. John Thompson replaces former Rep. Tim Mahoney, who retired last year. Rep. Franke previously served as representative of district 54A from 2017 – 2018.

Congratulations to all of you on your election! We look forward to working with you this legislative session. To see who represents you, please visit