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Best Life Alliance Introduces New Campaign

Local advocacy group launches new campaign to bring awareness to direct care staff.

On behalf of us and all the disability providers in the state, the Best Life Alliance (BLA) recently announced the launch of their new campaign to build greater awareness of our direct care staff. The BLA is a  statewide coalition of more than 130 organizations, supporting home and community-based services throughout the state of Minnesota. They work to ensure that services for people with disabilities remain available, stable and sustainable.

Below is BLA’s announcement of their campaign. We ask you to do the following things to support the Best Life Alliance and share about the campaign:

1. Subscribe to the Best Life Alliance newsletter HERE.
2. Follow the Best Life Alliance on Facebook and Twitter.
3. Share the campaign with your friends and family! Share their posts on social media or learn more about other ways to get involved.

The more we can get the information out to a broader audience the better! 

Thank you for your support and advocacy!