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Send a Hand to Legislators

People at The Phoenix Residence are supported by the caring hands of our dedicated direct support professionals - now is the time to share your story why 5% is so important

People with disabilities in Minnesota are supported by the caring hands of dedicated caregivers, direct support professionals, family members, and service providers. Share your story using the 5% Hands Template with your Representative and Senator. Even if you have already reached out to your legislators this year, they need to hear from constituents like you time and time again.

Print, complete and 'send a hand' to help legislators understand why 5% matters:

  • Describe the difficult and important work that caregivers and DSPs do
  • Explain how services impact people with disabilities
  • Tell them why a rate increase should be a funding priority

Find out to represents you and how to contact them.

Thank you for your on-going advocacy!